Carpet Repairs & Reinstallation Melbourne

Wet Carpet Cleaners provides cost-efficient carpet repairs and re-installation in Melbourne CBD and all suburbs. Please call us on 1300 887 131 to talk to our carpet repair specialist.

No matter how cautious you are, there will be times that your carpets will get stained, bumpy, ripped and suffer a condition of disrepair in due course. Unfortunately, carpet concerns can ruin the look of the room and sooner or later can lead to the call for early replacements that can be expensive.

We provide carpet repair work at an affordable rate to suit your pocket size.

We repair carpets and also do re-stretching if needed. We can replace the concerned area without leaving any obvious signs of the swap or repair.

People can spot the blotches and stains on their carpet, and some of them will see if certain spots on the carpet are insensitive to the basic cleaning approach.

Are you suffering from carpet stains, water damage or rips? Are you looking for a professional specialist to repair your expensive carpets?

Look no further than Wet Carpet Cleaners for your carpet repairs and re-installation needs in Melbourne CBD. Our team of professionals offer re-installation services to commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We can re-install carpets that have been lifted for plumbing work and re-install carpets for renovations or site cleanups.

Apart from repairing, renovating or restoring carpets, professionals in the business of carpets repair and installers like us also provide sound advice. Getting a professional suggestion on the best kind of carpeting for various rooms is one of the benefits of getting the service of an expert carpet repair company in Melbourne.

We are specialists in wet carpet cleaning, drying, restoration, repairs and re-installation in Melbourne. We have been catering to our customers for over the years with our services and the latest tools & techniques. Our skilled experts deal with all kinds of carpet repair requirements with utmost care. Our strong work ethic and commitment to offering quality services at feasible prices make us the leading carpet repairing company in Melbourne.

Call us on 1300 887 131 or get in touch online to arrange your repair job today.



Why should I have my carpet repaired?

Unfortunately, carpet damage happens, and when it does, there are a few options: Accept the damage, replace the carpet, or get it repaired. Depending on the severity of the damage and your budget, getting your carpet repaired is likely the best option.

Repairing carpets is an inexpensive alternative to replacing them. The cost to repair is usually a fraction of the replacement cost.

In addition to the new carpet and labour cost, you also have to consider moving furniture, removing old carpet and padding, and disposing of everything you took out of your house.

What can you do for a water-damaged carpet?

Depending on the source of the water, water-damaged carpets may be cleaned and repaired. Carpets can be cleaned, disinfected and repaired when they become wet from a clean water source like a pipe leak. If drying is done quickly and thoroughly, you can still save your carpet in this situation.

Please note: The carpets flooded with black water (or sewage water) and water-logged carpets that have been severely damaged by mould and mildew may not be eligible for repair and cleaning. In these cases, professional carpet cleaning companies recommend that you replace the carpet entirely.

Whether or not your wet carpets can be salvaged is how long they’ve been soaked. The longer your carpet is exposed to the moisture, the higher the risk of developing mildew and mould. If you wait too long to begin the drying process, even if you manage to remove all of the moisture from your carpets, you’ll also have to deal with mould removal. If a large area of your home gets flooded with water from a storm or sewer backup, mould growth can spread quickly in your home and cause significant damage to your carpets and walls.

Can you repair stained carpet that won’t come out with deep cleaning?

There is a large stain or area of discolouration that won’t come out with cleaning. Repairs can be made with a small remnant or by removing a portion of the damaged area and replacing it with an entire piece from another part of the room (known as a “patch”).

A burn or scorch mark – Cigarettes or cigars often cause this, but it can happen from hot irons or other household implements as well. Patching is usually required for this kind of damage.

You do not have to replace your carpet just because of a stain or tear. You can simply get the carpet repaired and restored to its original condition.

You should consider having your carpets professionally cleaned every six months to help prevent any spills from becoming permanent stains on your carpet. If these spills are left untreated, they can cause damage to the fibres in your carpets that cannot be repaired.

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