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Our emergency flood damage carpet cleaning team can reach and start drying within 1 hour of your call, day or night; we are ready 24 hours to tackle emergency flood damage situations across Melbourne. Call us anytime, and we will be at your premise within less than 1 hour.

Flood damage can occur at any time during the day or night. You need to be vigilant and call us for flood restoration services.

Our team at Wet Carpet Cleaners, Melbourne, are proud to be able to offer the flood damage restoration services you need. Suppose your carpet has been damaged by flooding. In that case, we can come to your home and inspect the carpeting, raising and drying wherever possible before deodorising and removing any staining that may have arisen.

We use high-tech moisture meters to measure moisture levels and accordingly use appropriate flood restoration methods for water extraction. We aim to prevent secondary damage such as mildew and mould growth due to moisture, use odour control to stop bad smells and use anti-bacterial treatment to prevent bacterial growth.

When you experience flooding at your home or commercial property, first thing is to identify the cause of it. If there is a leakage from a pipe, pipe bursts or anything that relates to a plumber, call a plumber immediately.

Immediately turn off electricity mains. Water is the main conductor of electricity and in order to avoid injury and life risk, turn off the electricity at the earliest.

Call flood damage cleanup specialists who are nearby your suburb so they can arrive early and start the steam clean of flood water damaged floors and basement.

The sooner you get the cleanup, the better your chances of salvaging your household items including carpets. While the professional is on their way to your house or commercial property, you may put all the furniture in a safe place if possible and put some towels to prevent spreading flood water in a un-affected area.
Once we arrive at your premise, we assess the affected flood-damaged areas. If your carpets need to be replaced, we advise you accordingly.

We will remove excess flooded water from the damaged floors and basement. Then use industrial dehumidifiers and commercial air movers to dry the wet floors and structure. The carpet may have to be lifted up for the drying process.

It all depends on the time taken between the flooding and the initiation of the flood damage restoration process, it also depends on the severity of the flood. Drying process could take roughly 2-3 days depending on the extent of the damage.

Once the carpet drying process is complete, we steam clean your carpets to restore it back to its original condition.
No matter how the flood is caused. Be it with natural flash flooding, a burst pipe, sink overflow, washing machine, faulty dishwasher, or by any other means, flooding brings a lot of inconveniences. Following are the ramifications:

Carpet Damage:

Flooding can obviously damage the carpets as it is the first thing that will come in contact. Carpets are expensive to replace and so it needs to be dried and sanitized before it can be re-used. Act quickly and call a professional from your nearby to attend for wet floors and basement.

If you leave your carpet wet for a longer time, it could become a breeding ground for mould which in the long run could rot your carpet. It makes the place non-hygienic and forcing you to replace the carpet. Improve your chances of saving your carpet by calling a flooded carpet cleaning and restoration expert.

Structural damage:

If you do not consider flooding as an emergency condition and wait for long hours, then there is a possibility of structural damage. Some properties are more vulnerable depending upon the type of construction. However, there is a way that you can check for few signs that could determine if your property has sustained structural damage.

The signs are:
Warped and buckled floorboards If you find buckled floorboards, it indicates a serious situation that needs to be addressed by an expert immediately.

Swollen and soft drywall When the moisture levels increase, it damages the drywall. If you see such a condition, call the cleaning professional urgently.

Health hazards

Along with carpet and structural damage, there is a risk of the health threat. Flood damage can pose a serious risk to you and your family. The increase in moisture levels and damp conditions that could grow mildew and mould.

It increases the allergic reactions, nervous and respiratory problems and infections. This could damage your immune systems as spores can settle in the body which could grow and pose the serious health risk.

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    We at Wet Carpet Cleaners provide the best flood damage restoration services for your home or commercial property.

    You will get a quick response to restore when you call us for a flood damage restoration service.

    Whether you have a full-scale flood or a pin-sized leak, we offer fast and effective carpet cleaning, restoration, and repair services. We know how to deal with any water damage situation that may leave your carpets needing restoration and service. Whether it's the day or night, we offer 24 hours emergency flood restoration and odour removal services across Melbourne. From carpet drying and flood damage cleanup, we are here to restore your wet carpet to normal again!

    Our flood damage carpet cleaning team will attempt to reach your premises within 1 hour of your call.


    Can carpet be saved after a flood?

    Water damaged carpet is a common problem that plagues many homeowners. In some cases, the carpet can be saved, and it has to be thrown away in others. The most important thing to know is that carpet water damage can become a more significant issue down the road if not treated correctly.

    Determining Clean Water vs. Dirty Water Whether you can save a flood-damaged rug or carpet depends on the source of the flooding, how long it was wet, and whether it can be effectively cleaned and disinfected.

    • Clean water: If your carpets have been damaged by rainwater coming from a broken window or skylight or a burst pipe, this is considered clean water. You may be able to salvage the carpet if you get to it quickly enough.
    • Dirty water: If your carpets were damaged by an overflowing toilet or sewage backup, throw out the carpet immediately unless you can effectively clean and disinfect it through professional extraction and cleaning with anti-bacterial solutions.

    Emergency Carpet Cleaning

    You should always invest in professional carpet cleaning services as soon as possible after flooding occurs in your home or business. When standing water sits for too long, mould growth will appear within 48 hours and possibly even sooner.

    What do I do if my carpet is flooded?

    If your carpet has experienced excessive flooding from a rainstorm, sewage backup, or other serious water damage event, there are a few steps you should take

    • Act Quickly: The first thing you need to do is act quickly to remove any flood water still in the carpeting. You'll need to have a wet vac or similar suction device that can extract water. Once you've removed as much water as possible, use fans to circulate air through the room and dry off as much moisture as possible.
    • Inspect for Mould Growth: Once most of the moisture has been removed from your carpeting, inspect for signs of mould growth — especially under baseboards and other areas where standing water may have gathered. Your carpets may not be saved if you find mould growth or other major contamination issues (such as sewage).
    • Get a professional carpet cleaning service: While the above steps can help you drain the excess water and manage minor water damage cleanup on your own, the best thing to do to ensure the water damage is fully mitigated is to seek professional help.

    Does the flooded carpet need to be replaced?

    Carpet that has been damaged by clean water from a pipe or drain leak can typically be cleaned and saved if it is acted on quickly enough. You might have a good chance at restoration. But if your carpet was flooded by contaminated water like stormwater or sewage backup, you should probably just throw it away.

    Whether you can save flood-damaged carpet depends on the source of the flooding, how long it was wet, and whether it can be effectively cleaned and disinfected.

    If you call a professional to clean your carpet within 24 hours of the spill or flooding, they might be able to get the job done. If you wait much longer, the fibres may become permanently discoloured or stained.

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