Efficient Odour Control

Unpleasant odours often appear when carpets are water damaged and left untreated. If handled without professional care the stuffy smell left by damaged flooring will continue to linger.

Have Wet Carpet Cleaners take care of the foul smell in your house or workspace with our odour removal carpet cleaning. By thoroughly cleaning your carpet, the odour will lift and disperse instantly.

Leading Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne

Our carpets deal with a lot of contact every day. From natural wear and tear, unpredictable weather to machine leakages, carpets have to withstand a lot of damage. While most simple spills are easily fixed every day, severe damage is hard to repair.

Wet Carpet Cleaners provide professional carpet cleaning to get rid of unwanted smells once and for all. We’re the best home carpet cleaner for Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Our dedicated home carpet cleaners are certified professionals and will assess your property to determine the source of the odour. We’ll match you with our steam cleaning services as soon as possible so you can get rid of the foul odour as soon as possible.

Professional Odour Removal Carpet Cleaning

Even when carpets have been cleaned, smells can still linger. This occurs when only the top fibres of the carpet have been cleaned. That’s because the carpet backing or underlay is hard to reach.

To ensure any foul smells are removed completely, we steam clean your carpet. Carpet shampooing and steam cleaning is guaranteed to get rid of unwanted odours.

A rug steam cleaner thoroughly washes your carpet. It gets through the whole surface area, not just the top, so every inch of your flooring is shampooed, washed, and dried. Wet Carpet Cleaners uses the latest rug steam cleaner equipment to wash your carpet.

Remove Unwanted Odour in Your Home Or Office Today

Strange smells and lingering odours are hard to ignore. If you’re noticing an odour in your home or office that won’t go away, contact Wet Carpet Cleaners today. We are the best carpet steam cleaner in Melbourne. Our team provide expert carpet cleaning services 24/7.

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