Water Damage Carpet Cleaning, Drying & Restoration Melbourne

A major causes of water damage are washing machine leak, sink overflow, damaged plumbing, defective appliances, flood, heavy rain, sewage backflow, etc. When water damage conducted with more complex kind of damage as mentioned, It is best that you hire the service of a professional and certified drying and restoration company.

Avoid the hassle and get professionals for your water damage carpet cleaning, drying, and restoration in Melbourne.

Water damage restoration can be among the most daunting tasks you have to do. There are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to this responsibility particularly if you want a really good job done. As mentioned, water damage can happen for a number of reasons and water can travel anywhere, you never know. Water can penetrate in plenty of unseen area of the property like wall cavities, ceiling, etc. Regardless of the reason, the steps needed to perform water damage carpet cleaning, drying and restoration don’t come cheap and should be handled properly. Our team of professionals will inspect the extent that water has penetrated and all the spots in which the property has been affected. Water damage cleaning, drying and restoration is dependent on this information.

Categories Of Water: Clean Water – Grey Water – Black Water – Special Situations. Water loss is also classified in 4 different class of water loss. All different categories has different way of dealing.

How our water damage carpet cleaning, drying & restoration team fixes the problem

The initial steps are to inspect the extent of the damage.

Take Moisture reading, remove furniture and put them in a safe place. Remove excess water from the floor with our powerful extraction unit. Depending on the category of the water and condition of the carpet we use special chemicals to prevent browning stains on the carpet, Mold treatment, Anti-Microbial treatment any many more. We also do odour treatment to remove some bad odour caused by dampness or from bacteria which activates in most of the water damage situation.

As soon as the first step is finished, the next step will be Moisture Mapping. To remove moisture we install high velocity fans and dehumidifier. Moisture is a major source and is like a food for Mold. Our technicians will bring down the moisture content in its standard drying condition to prevent the growth of mold. All affected furniture has to be clean, sanitise and dry. We also restore furniture if the cost of restoration is cheaper than replacement cost. Our technician will keep monitoring your property until it has achieved dry standard.

The final and most important step for our team is to bring smile on your face and we gonna bring it.

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