Emergency Carpet Drying in Southbank

A flooded home is not uncommon in Melbourne, especially in Southbank where it is open to the rising waters from the Yarra River. We often see property owners who live around the area and aren’t aware of any problems until they start experiencing flooded properties.

Fortunately, if your house has been flooded due to a burst pipe, you won’t find it difficult to restore. After assessing the damage, our team can determine what needs to be done to repair the problem.

But what happens with the rest of the things in your house, like your carpets?

Carpet drying services in Southbank

Trying to get your damaged carpets dried out at home might be easy, but professional cleaners would definitely do this task much better. We intend to provide our clients with quality service at affordable rates. We also suggest that you should contact us immediately if you notice any cracks or stains on your carpets. We will make sure that we take care of them right away.

However, while you’re waiting for our team to arrive, you can do the following:

Act quickly: First, get out any flood waters still in the carpeting by using a wet vacuum or similar suction device. Then, circulate air through the house with fans and dry off as much of the remaining moisture as possible.

Check for Mould Growth: Inspect for any sign of mould growth — especially underneath baseboards and other locations where standing liquid may collect. If the carpet looks salvageable, there’s no reason to throw away your investment.

Why do you need to dry your carpet out?

There are plenty of reasons to consider doing so. Maybe you’ve recently had a cleaning or flooding incident; maybe you’re trying to get rid of stains before they set. Whatever the reason, here’s everything you need to know about drying out your carpets.

  1. You should always leave carpets damp for at least 24 hours after mopping or vacuuming. If left too long, moistened carpets can cause mould and mildews that might ruin them and they could also begin to smell bad. They may even be able to damage the flooring beneath them.
  2. Carpets are usually made up of several different types of materials. Among them are a cushioning pad, which may be made of foam. Because some of these pads take longer to fully absorb water than other kinds, they can become harder to clean.

Emergency carpet drying in Southbank

If you’ve got a flooded wet carpet, don’t assume that simply by removing the flood from the carpet and using fans to dry it out, then vacuum it up and spray some deodorising products on it that the smell will go away.

Wet carpets don’t just damage themselves but the floor below them too. And if the floor below isn’t properly dried out, mould and increased odours could develop.

Carpet drying services Southbank

While the above mentioned steps can help you get rid of water from the carpet, they won’t be able to remove stains. A carpet drying service done by the professionals can take care of that.

With Wet Carpet Cleaners, we take pride in providing comprehensive carpet drying and water removal services. We know that your carpets are an important part of your home, so we won’t cut corners when cleaning them.

24 Hours Emergency Carpet Drying and Cleaning Service in Southbank.



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