24/7 Emergency Water Damage Carpet Drying, Cleaning and Restoration Service in Melbourne

Flooded Carpet Drying is common in Victoria, especially during the colder months of winter. If your premises are prone to flooding, it helps to keep a master water restorer among your list of contacts. Consider the amount of time and effort for a homeowner to address flooding and wet carpets. With a trusted master water restorer, you'll have an expert emergency wet carpet drying and carpet cleaning service that is guaranteed to take the fuss away. Our team at Wet Carpet Cleaners is trained to deliver residential as well as commercial wet carpet cleaning service in Melbourne that ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

While properties in Victoria do not face humid conditions similar to those found in Queensland, seasonal wet weather and heavy downpours can prove messy. A balcony or patio door accidentally left ajar can often cause wet carpet issues. More often than not, wet carpet cleaning services are sought to prevent mould and lasting carpet damage. If you need wet carpet cleaners in Melbourne, we are certified master water restorer experts who can assess any damage done by wet weather. Wet Carpet Cleaners are experts in Flooded Carpet Cleaning & Reviving services in Melbourne.

We can help with any carpet drying you need, due to flooded carpets around your premises. If you need flooded carpet drying & cleaning, we can also provide professional cleaners who arrive on time and the right equipment to get the job done. We also assist with emergency carpet drying and can offer the right equipment to speed up the carpet drying process. We often help customers who call us for flooded carpet cleaning services. These can occur for many reasons, but wet weather periods frequently see many different property types requiring a wet carpet cleaner.

Why Choose Wet Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne?

Flood damage carpet cleaning is a service that we offer to help homes affected by wet weather. However, rainy seasons are just among some of the causes of wet and damaged carpets. Flooded carpets can also be caused by blocked sewage or drain pipes. These typically affect homes and properties located in areas prone to flooding. As water can build up in such properties in several ways, it can be unfortunate in collecting in a spot with a carpet.
We provide expert carpet cleaning services that include:

  • Flood-damaged property assessment,
  • Carrying out a thorough cleaning of the flooded carpet
  • Flood damage carpet drying,
  • Water extraction from wet carpet
  • Mould control treatment
  • Air-movement structure and wet carpet drying, and
  • Dehumidification

If you encounter issues involving emergency wet carpet drying in Melbourne, do not hesitate to give Wet Carpet Cleaners a call today. We are leading experts who can help with water damage carpet drying and offer professional support for any need you may have for flood damage carpet drying. We have helped numerous homeowners dry wet carpets using our advanced technology and know-how. We often receive requests for emergency carpet cleaning and understand how these wet carpet accidents can occur for several different reasons. Whether it involves a burst pipe, faulty appliance or weather damage, you should always act quickly to prevent lasting damage. For expert carpet cleaning in Melbourne, consider that we also provide services such as:

Carpet Steam Cleaning - Antimicrobial Sanitising of Carpets - Carpet Re-stretching, if necessary

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Understanding the cause of water adamage

We often receive call outs to assist with water and flood damage in Melbourne. This type of water damage occurs for different reasons, including appliance malfunction or natural causes. In our business, we classify these causes into three separate categories. It's just part of our expertise as master water restorers who help customers resolve their commercial carpet cleaning needs.

  • Category 1

    Sources of water damage include broken pipes, overflowing sinks, malfunctioning appliances (dishwashers, washing machines etc).
  • Category 2

    Sources of water damage contain chemicals or other contaminants (greywater) that can cause sickness, health hazards or general discomfort to occupants in and around a property (e.g. discharge from dishwashers, sump pumps, toilet bowls).
  • Category 3

    Water damage contains pathogenic material/agents that pose a health risk and affect the hygiene and sanitation of the premises. Also called blackwater. (e.g. sewage, toilet backflow, river or seawater, medical or manufacturing waste)

Our team comprises experienced emergency carpet cleaning professionals who can always support your need for water damage carpet cleaning. A consultation with our team members is quick and aims to deliver appropriate solutions that waste neither time nor money. We send out professional cleaning crews equipped with just the right items to care for your wet carpet issues. If you ever need carpet drying in Melbourne, businesses and homeowners can rely on it; remember to call Wet Carpet Cleaners. We offer wet carpet cleaning and drying services that take your need for fast and effective carpet drying into account, so you never have to worry about lasting damage or a soiled property.

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Our Carpet Drying Restoration Method


Leave it to our team of expert wet carpet cleaners in Melbourne if you ever find yourself the misfortune of a wet carpet around the property. Our cleaners are effective with the initial consultation and dispatching of a professional team to your premises for any emergency.

Scope of work

The scope of work depends on the carpet's condition because not all wet carpet damage occurs for the same reason. However, we are professionals who come prepared to get the job done. Our team brings a wealth of experience in helping with any wet carpet cleaning requirement. This means that we understand a wide range of needs and have worked with several different scenarios in the past.

Water Extraction

No matter the emergency you face, emergency dry wet carpet service that is professional and reliable. Nobody wants to deal with a wet carpet, and we understand how this can disrupt activity around the home or office. Depending on the nature of your emergency and what caused the wet carpet, we can always help. Wet carpet cleaners provideemergency carpet cleaning that seeks to take care of any water damage carpet cleaning you might need.

Mould control

Anyone who has experienced trouble with wet carpets will know how these issues have the potential to cause lasting water damage to your interiors. If you need professional wet carpet cleaning services to dry affected areas quickly and effectively, get in touch with our professionals immediately.

Carpet Drying

Our expertise means we'll be able to get the job done right, each and every time. Whether it involves water damage from weather or leaking appliances, we can dry your carpets quickly and effectively.

Stain removal

Trust that we will arrive at the job with the right people and equipment to keep your premises dry and your carpets safe from lasting water damage. Do not hesitate to call the team at Wet Carpet Cleaners in case of emergencies, as mould tends to build up due to water damage.

Carpet restretching

While not a common request, we can source the right expertise to help in any instances where the carpet is lifted and needs to be re-laid.

Moisture monitoring

Continuous monitoring of moisture levels is a part of what we do, to ensure that the right drying and sanitation levels are achieved throughout our carpet cleaning processes. Our work is only complete when our monitoring devices confirm that your affected areas have been returned to their original moisture conditions.

Steam cleaning

We avoid haste in our work by ensuring a deep cleaning is conducted in any carpet steam cleaning task we perform. We also apply antimicrobial sanitiser to ensure any remaining bacteria is eliminated when we remove any moisture from your carpets.

Resolution and reporting

Once the work is done, we provide a complete final report detailing what was done. You can use this report for any financial claims related to renter's or owner's insurance agreements.

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Flood Damage & Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service:-

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Why Choose Wet Carpet Cleaners for Carpet Drying and Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne?

As certified IICRC Master Water Restorers, our carpet cleaning and restoration services adhere to a complete set of methods. These are devised in such a way as to ensure a comprehensive service guarantee to our customers. Regardless of what caused the wet carpet damage, an emergency or an accident of nature, you can always be rest assured knowing that our team is on the job to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Typically, we begin our wet carpet cleaning process with a consultation and take all our jobs through to a final report once the work is done.

We are best at water damage carpet cleaning in Melbourne for a number of factors that include :

  • Capability to perform any type of cleaning
  • Ability to remove all types of stains
  • Can reach anywhere within an hour
  • Each member of our staff is IICRC certified
  • 24-hours emergency service
  • Affordable prices in Melbourne
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Emergency Wet Carpet Drying, Cleaning and Restoration In Melbourne

Wet Carpet Cleaners are Melbourne’s professional flood damage restoration company providing 24-hours emergency cleaning and wet carpet drying services.

Our IICRC certified experts have over 15 years of experience restoring water damaged carpets using specialised water extraction equipment for drying wet carpets.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide all mentioned services in respect with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We follow all health and safety procedures to ensure a thoroughly clean and healthy environment at your home or office.

Our job is not done until you get satisfied. Call us now and we will discuss your problem and come out within an hour to clean your flooded carpets in Melbourne.

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Wet Carpet Cleaners - Customer Reviews

  • Was a pleasure to deal with. Extremely happy with the service provided. Highly recommended.
    - Michelle Smrcek
  • Vic has been tireless in his effort to help me and my housemate in our hour of crisis! He has kept me informed, worked hard all for an amazing price. 100% would recommend !
    - Cameron Roberts
  • Had carpet detail cleaning done. Great price and the results are fantastic! Best results I've had from professional carpet cleaning! Some horrible marks were removed, and the carpet now looks fresh and new! Reliable, punctual and friendly service too! Can't fault! Highly recommend and will be using them again next time!
    - Ben Doncon
  • Vic was not only timely and professional but he took the time to explain the issue and what he was doing. Very responsive as well, definitely the first one ill call on if Im in need again! Thanks Vic.
    - Alaine Ding
  • If you want to hire a cleaner in Melbourne "Wet Carpet Cleaners" is the best option. Very professional, co-operative & great job.
    - Andrew Rut
  • we had water damage in our building. About 4 apartments was damaged. we called this company. Vic and his team arrived on time. They very afficient and reliable. I was really impressed and highly recommend you guys.
    - Feroz Ebtedai
  • Last week I totally forgot about the tube of the washing machine, I use to put it in the toilet , but not this time. I guess were around 50 litres of water in my bedroom. I called and they came in 20 min max. Really satisfied! Good job!
    - Roberta Vacca
  • Our washing machine overflow and all house was in water. We call this company and they arrive quickly and done fantastic work at reasonable cost. Thank you to Vic. I will defiantly recommend you guys.
    - Sara Hooper
  • Excellent job vic Thank you
    - Frank Pollio
  • “I am always pleased with the outcome. I can’t imagine why I would call anyone else for my carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.You’re fantastic! We love your service. Everything is completely professional. You have exceeded our expectations.”
    - John smith
  • “You did a wonderful job of cleaning our carpet and spotting other areas. I would definitely use your service again. Dylan and the other worker were very conscientious and thorough.”
    - Olivia
  • “This man is a hard-working, courteous person who really knows what he’s doing. He actually did more for us than we expected. This is the second time I’ve used your services, and I was very pleased both times. Vikki is very professional, polite, and informative. I’d highly recommend you guys!”
    - Margaret
  • “Vic has done an excellent job with our carpets. Makes the office look so much better. The service was outstanding and accommodate to our needs and time of service.”
    - Emma Bamblett

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