Flooded Carpet Drying Essendon

We understand just how destructive it is when water spills into your house and causes damage. That is why our company was created to help homeowners avoid these situations by providing them with quality services for their damaged carpets.

Emergency wet carpet drying in Essendon

Wet Carpet Cleaners provide instant service in case of any type of water or flooding problem. Our expert technicians extract dirt and water from carpets, dry them up, treat them for odour, and sanitise them.

Whether it is due to natural disaster, a broken pipe, flooding or any other event, flood damages occur very quickly and require fast action. Left unattended, flood stains may not only affect the appearance of your home, but also lead to unhealthy conditions inside the house such as breathing problems.

By taking immediate steps, you can save both money and time. Get help immediately and call us for an emergency flood cleanup.

What is our flood damage restoration process in Essendon?

  • After assessing the damaged parts of your carpet, we give you an estimate for repairing them.
  • We’ll start by removing any excess flood water from the affected areas.
  • Next, we’ll use industrial dehumidifiers and commercial air movers, both of which can be rented easily, to help us get rid of dampness in the carpets. We might have to lift them up to keep them out of harm’s way.
  • It all comes down to the length of time it takes for the water to be removed from the property after a flood has occurred. Depending on the extent of the flood, drying may take anywhere from two to three full business days.
  • After the cleaning and drying processes are completed, we steam clean your rugs so they’re restored to their original state.

Can carpet be saved after a flood?

This would actually depend on the type of water damage.

If your carpets were damaged by rain coming through a cracked window or skylights or burst pipes, these are considered clean waters. You might be able to salvage the carpets if you get to them quickly enough.

Meanwhile, if your carpets were damaged from a toilet overflow or sewer back up, throw out the carpet right away unless you can effectively wash and sanitise them through professional extraction and cleaning.

Why choose Wet Carpet Cleaners in Essendon?

Our emergency flood damage carpet cleaning team can reach and start drying within 1 hour of your call, day or night. We’re available 24 hours a year round to help people who need our services. When you contact us, we’ll get there quickly to provide assistance.

Contact Wet Carpet Cleaners for flooded carpet drying services in Essendon.

Are your carpets flooded with water, and needed emergency professional flooding water extraction in Essendon? Call us now! We offer outstanding quality flood damaged carpet cleaning services at very affordable prices. Our skilled cleaners would arrive at your place on time, will assess your situation, and provide you with the right solution. They will make sure every single spot and moisture on your carpet is removed, so you do not have to worry about any damages caused to it.

24 Hours Emergency Carpet Drying and Cleaning Service in Essendon.



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