Professional Fire and Smoke Restoration in Melbourne

A house fire is an event that everyone wishes to never experience. However, the hard truth is that a house fire is something that lots of people need to deal with often. House fire is among of the most common residential dangers in Victoria. Apart from the shocking experience that the residents of the house might encounter, there’s also the issue of picking up the pieces as well as trying to save and restore big and essential items like clothes, furniture, carpets, and draperies.

Fire and smoke restoration is a task that Melbourne homeowners need to take seriously. The more logical and practical step for homeowners is to get in touch with trained professionals that focus on restoring properties damaged by fire. Most of the time, homeowners try to save some money by cleaning and fixing household items on their own, only to find out that in the end, they only wasted a great deal of effort and time.

Fire and smoke restoration isn’t a simple task, particularly when the property to be cleaned and restored has serious smoke damage. Proper removal of soot and smoke from the house is one of the first tasks to be completed. Soot is the general term for contaminated airborne particles generated by combustion or burning. It’s considered a health hazard, particularly to the respiratory system. It can be eliminated from the house with the help of an industrial or heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Soot needs to be removed right away before doing any deodorizing process. Proper ventilation throughout the property is also required, so it’s important to keep doors, vents, and windows open.

Properly deodorizing fabrics like draperies, furniture, carpets, and clothes are necessary to remove the smoke odour completely. Smoke odour can linger in fabrics for a very long time if not appropriately deodorized. A comprehensive deodorizing process might require the use of strong chemicals which target smoke molecules to counteract the odours. Fire and smoke restoration professionals often utilize a heavy-duty grade ozone generator to get rid of the soot, odour and smoke more effectively.

Aside from removing odour and soot from fabrics, there might still be fire damage beneath the walls. If the case is really serious, fire and smoke restoration specialists typically resort to thermal fogging using a machine that gets rid of smoke odours trapped within the walls.

Aside from walls and carpets, there are also other parts of the property that need to be evaluated by professionals in order to guarantee appropriate cleaning as well as restoration. Vents, ducts as well as attic insulation might require replacement. A comprehensive inspection of fire damage professionals will provide homeowners with a clear picture of the items that can be saved and those that should be replaced.

As mentioned, fire and smoke restoration is not an easy task. Thus, giving the job to a professional is the best thing you can do to make sure that the property and the things inside the house will be cleaned and restored properly.

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