Sewage Restoration and Cleanup Services

We perform sewage cleanup services at your home, marine vessel and business premise. Sewage waste contains viruses that include Hepatitis A and Salmonella. Don’t put your health at risk and immediately get rid of dirty surroundings and so-called sewage waste. We are trained professionals that use the latest equipment and technology to immediately perform sewage restoration. We have a certified technician with fully equipped personal protective equipment and friendly products. There is a safety procedure in sewage removal and following these guidelines will help you have a clean and safe environment. We follow the standard operating procedures in performing raw sewage cleanup.

  • Sewage Removal– They safely dispose and remove all the sewage and solid waste. The use of water extraction and dehumidifiers is very important in order to ensure that your home is free from sewage waste that can harm your health.
  • Deep Cleaning– The affected area will undergo a massive cleaning process that uses disinfectants. The so-called bio washing procedure will eliminate all the sewage waste in the carpets.
  • Odour removal and sanitation – Special grade sanitizers and ozone generators are also some of the useful tools that can easily eliminate bad odour and harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • OSHA safety standards – The standard operating procedures in sewage cleanup are advised by health organizations. We make sure that all pieces of equipment are clean and the technician that will do the job is protected by the right personal protective equipment to avoid and at the same time prevent any kind of accident.

Raw Sewage Cleanup and Sewer Backup Cleaning Service

You can confidently hire wet carpet cleaners to perform the sewer backup cleaning services; we have the credibility to do the job effectively, providing you with a great customer service, professionalism and guaranteed knowledge in doing the job.

There are many categories of sewage restoration that require proper handling and this includes soil removal, bacterial control, pumping out sewage waste, cleaning and odour control. Sewage is a kind of waste and it is considered a biohazard, so proper sewage cleanup is truly required in order to transform your home and business to a safe and clean environment. It’s also one of the best things you can do to ensure the safety of the people inside the house or building.

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