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When you need your wet carpets to be cleaned, dried and sanitized with precision, then look no further than Wet Carpet Cleaners. We are Melbourne’s well known and reputed company to deal with flood-damaged wet carpet drying and carpet cleaning.


We are equipped with high capacity LGR dehumidifiers and industrial air movers with high extraction abilities for wet carpets that need cleaning and drying. We are fast in performing the cleanup operations and to provide 24-hour emergency restoration service throughout Melbourne.

The longer you keep your carpet wet, the more it becomes humid making the surroundings moist and humid. Such a condition is perfect for mould spores to grow and spread. The dampness and moist surroundings will increase the health risk as well. It is advisable to not keep your carpet wet for a longer time. If you keep it wet for more duration, then there is also a risk of structural damage too. Such a situation is supposed to be addressed quickly and effectively. That is where we come in with our 24-hour emergency wet carpet drying and cleaning team.

Wet Carpet Restoration Process


The process of wet carpet drying and carpet cleaning is not simple as it sounds. It is not just a matter of sucking the water, drying the flooded carpet with fans, cleaning it with a steam cleaner and spraying deodorizer to the affected area to remove bad smell.

The reality is that wet carpet not only damages itself but the underlay, subfloor and the concrete or wood subfloor underneath it which also requires attention. If the underlay and subfloor are not dried properly you could end up growing mould and increase odour problems.

We follow the certain procedure for wet carpet as mentioned below:

  • Arriving at the scene, inspect and assess the extent of the water damage.
  • Move furniture and place them on foam blocks thus avoiding further damage.
  • Extract water with powerful industrial vacuum extraction equipment.
  • Browning treatment is applied to a carpet to prevent staining.
  • Uplift carpet corners to dry the underlays and subfloors.
  • Place commercial air movers/dryers and dehumidifiers and leave it on the site until the affected area is completely dried.
  • Come back to the premise to check and monitor moisture levels every day.
  • Relay carpet back when all the structure is dry.
  • Steam cleaning and sanitize the carpets.
  • Deodorize on completion of water damage restoration.
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