5 reasons to get mould cleaned up immediately

Moulds generally accumulate in buildings that are damp and also have poor ventilation. We all spend a large part of the day and night in our houses and inhaling these moulds can cause some serious harm.

It causes a lot of infections and diseases if not kept in check. So, the moulds growing in your house should be cleaned up immediately to prevent catching of these diseases and structural damage.

Here we are going to discuss the five reasons why you should do this without any further delay:


Causes respiratory problems

Constant exposure to moulds can cause nasal congestion, chest tightening, throat irritation, coughing, and wheezing. The problems can get further aggravated if the moulds are not kept under check and can mitigate lung function and cause asthma, which is a chronic lung disease. It is even worse for the people who are already suffering from asthma and chronic health diseases as they experience symptoms that are more severe in nature.

A study stated that 300 million children in the world have asthma due to mould and indoor dampness. People can also suffer from depression when they live in a mould affected area which further increases the probability of getting a respiratory disease.

Pneumonia and sinus infections

A type of a mould called the green mould which belongs to the cladosporium, penicillium, and aspergillus families are the once that primarily grow on the walls, damp fabrics, mattresses, cabinets, carpets, etc. Pencillium is the reason behind pneumonia and sinus infections.

Neurological and psychological effects

A type of mould called the toxic black mould produces mycotoxins. Mycotoxins cannot be seen by the naked eye and can enter our body through ingestion, eyes, and inhalation. These mycotoxins can interfere with vision, reproductive system, respiratory, and circulatory system and can cause neurological and psychological effects. The neurological symptoms in a person exposed to moulds can be dizziness, confusion, hallucinations, trembling, seizures, etc.

Contribution to cancer and certain other harmful effects

Mycotoxins are carcinogenic in nature and can very well lead to cancer. Other effects can be bleeding gums, breathing difficulty, cold and flu-like symptoms, nose bleeding, blood vomiting, blurred vision, unhealed wounds, jaundice, and nausea, runny nose, skin rashes, etc.

Damage to building and houses

Moulds can grow actively on cardboard, paper, wood, soap, and fabrics, all of which are composed of organic matter. As the moulds grow in size, they slowly start damaging the surface. This causes an unsightly damage inside a building. Moulds are generally an indication of the growing level of moisture in your home which can prove to be highly problematic if not kept under a check or else a catastrophic amount of damage can be caused. Also, Brown rot is the most destructive deterioration caused by moulds.

If the fabric of a building becomes almost completely damp, surface damage will occur. The paper and paint will start to peel off. In addition to this, the plaster can also get blistered by moulds. Moulds also increase the risk of wet and dry rot caused in timber which in turn triggers insect growth.

The problems aggravate in winters as the moisture present in dampening start to freeze. The freeze further causes the surfaces of tiles and bricks to shatter and if this continues over a time period, a significant damage can occur to the building.

So, now you know the top five reasons why moulds should be cleaned up immediately. Moulds have a life-altering effect as it is linked to many neurological, psychological, respiratory problems, and is a cause of many diseases. It is known to cause fatalities; such is the impact of moulds. It can also cause serious structural damage if not kept under check. So call a mould removal team to get your house checked and make it mould free.

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