Why is mould and mildew a big threat to your carpets?

There is a type of carpet for everyone. Not only does it give your house a homely feel but it also helps to bring the whole office space together. Carpets are a great décor that comes in different price ranges. It is long lasting and does not require a lot of maintenance.

The problem of the mould and mildew is caused more in places that have a lot of moisture. Melbourne is one such example of a city that is situated on the coastline. Simply put, a mould is a type of fungus that grows in dark and damp places. Places that have a lot of moisture help the mould to grow at a much faster rate. They could appear in gray or white patches on your carpet.

Mould is a big threat

Now that we know how mould is formed, we need to know whether it is dangerous or not. The problem of mould can easily be cleaned up. It is better if it is done by experts as they will do it in a proper and professional manner so that none of it is left behind to grow again.

But, if for some reason they are not instantly cleaned out then the different types of moulds could cause respiratory problems. Some people who are more sensitive to allergies will experience a stronger allergic reaction than the others would. The symptoms of the allergies are as follows:

  • A Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Congestion
  • Throat irritation
  • Cough
  • Irritated and red eyes
  • Skin rash

In some people, it also triggers asthma attacks. The problem of mould in carpets and other places could lead to serious issues. People who have allergy problems from before are more susceptible to have these symptoms. The symptoms could also affect older people or young children.

How to prevent mould and mildew from affecting your carpet?

Since moisture is one of the most important things that help the mould to grow, that is something you need to take care of the most. You could try and keep your carpet mould-free by hiring professionals who do this on a regular basis. What they do is they use machines that suck out all the moisture that is on the carpet along with other impurities.

The best way to protect your carpet from getting affected by mildew is to keep it in a cool and dry place only. If you live in a damp area then having dehumidifiers and air conditioners can help. You should also examine the rugs regularly to see if any mildew or moulds are forming up. If proper care is taken then the carpets could last for a long time.

Can your carpet be restored if it is affected by mould or mildew?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of things like the level of damage the mould has done. For example, if the carpet was wet for a long time or if it was damaged in a flood then it is better to get rid of the carpet altogether as it must also be carrying a lot of infection as well. But, if the mould is minimal and the carpet has not been wet for more than 48 hours then chances are that a good carpet cleaning company will be able to clean the carpet and make it as good as new.

The worse problem about mildew is the smell that it leaves behind. You could vacuum the area and use a mildew spray to get rid of the smell completely. You could make the spray at home by mixing two cups of water with a cup of vinegar.

Dampness is unavoidable if you live somewhere where there is a lot of moisture in the air like Melbourne. Although regular inspections of the household help in catching mould and mildew in the initial stages and thus help to avoid people of the house from falling sick, it is best to invest in a dehumidifier. It will suck all the moisture from the air and you will be able to live a happy and free life.

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