Cleaning and Restoring Water Damaged Carpets

There are many ways carpets get water-damaged. From flash flooding, machine leakages, pipe bursts and much more. Water damage is unavoidable under any circumstances.

Water damaged carpets need to be cleaned, dried and sanitized professionally.

The primary step is to inspect the extent of the damage. During the initial assessment, we take moisture reading, check the affected materials and its type.

Once the initial assessment is done, we move the furniture from the affected area and put them in a safe place on foam blocks to prevent any secondary damage to the furniture.

Then another step is to extract excess water from within the carpet, underlayer or any other structure using our high-performance extraction equipment. After initial extraction, it is important to apply the browning treatment, anti-bacterial treatment or mould and mildew treatment.

We have to then setup high-velocity commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the structure, carpet and to control indoor environment.

After 48 hours of our initial inspection and set up of the equipment, we come to monitor the drying progress. We again take the moisture reading to observe the improvement in the drying process.

Once all affected materials achieve a dry standard, cleaning up afterward is just as important. Untreated water-damaged carpets and structure can harbour a lot of harmful bacteria which can be cleaned and sanitized by post-cleaning and sanitizing of the affected area.

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