Repair or Replace: What’s Best For Your Carpet?

Carpets take a lot of human traffic and get damaged over time. It needs a regular cleanup and maintenance. Carpets will definitely fade away one day but up until it is lying on the floor, it needs appropriate maintenance and care.

Carpets get damaged by a number of reasons. Be it from water damage, flash flooding or normal wear and tear, it simply gets marred with time.

A tear or spill won’t necessarily require a complete replacement of your carpet but this process of a spill could get hard stains over time which could be impossible to remove later on. Carpets cover a majority of our house and office flooring and hence it’s easy and fast to get damaged.

Because it covers a majority of the space, it also requires maintenance through regular cleaning. Carpets are generally replaced depending upon the type of human traffic and weather conditions.

There are several signs that you could observe and feel to determine if replace or repair your carpets.



If the foul smell is new and you have identified that is coming from your carpet, then a thorough inspection is required from a professional. Our technician will assess the carpet damage and provide an appropriate solution.

Our thorough assessment will determine if the odour is of mould, mildew, dampness or high moisture levels within the room. Depending upon the cause of the odour, we can then employ best and appropriate cleaning and restoration methods.


From foot traffic, heavy furniture being dragged across the carpets to pets chewing on the flooring, there are many reasons why rips and tears happen. A tiny tuft of fabric being ripped off isn’t going to be noticeable.

But, if your carpet is starting to come off the floor where it’s attached it’s time to restretch or get it replaced. Too many rips and tears are not only a visible inconvenience but also a falling hazard. It is also a sign that it is not able to provide proper padding for your home or office floor. Rips and tears are uncomfortable to walk in, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic.


Accidentally spilling of a coffee, tannin or cordial is a common cause of stains on carpets. The best way to deal with stains is to clean up immediately. If it becomes old, sometimes it’s hard to get them off which then requires carpet repair.

Most stains can be cleaned by employing professional services. The cleaning method depends on the type of stain. If it is a blood stain, then it has to be cleaned with cold water extraction. If it is a red wine or a coffee stain on a wool carpet, then we need to employ special techniques to get rid of it. Most other stains can be cleaned through steam cleaning.

Allergic Reaction

Are you noticing people sniffling and sneezing more in your household or workspace? It could be because of your carpets. Old carpets often collect a lot of dust, pollen, mites and other harmful bacteria.

Allergic reactions are often a major sign that your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned or replaced. We can help clean up such carpets by using anti-microbial sanitizers that can bring the carpet to its original condition.

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