Most common causes of water damage

Water damage can occur when a massive amount of water begins to form a pool in the wrong areas. This extra amount of water is created due to a variety of reasons and can further lead to water damage. In this article, we are going to discuss common causes of water damage:


Pipe leakage

A pipe that gets burst can cause a lot of water to accumulate and hence contribute to water damage. A burst in a pipe is commonly due to the blockages created in toilets and drains. In addition to this, the reason behind pipe blockages is the improper working of garbage disposals.

Even the tree roots in the garden can increase in size and disrupt sewer lines. Another reason for the bursting of pipes is that they may have gone rusty and old and need changing. If they are timely changed they won’t cause leakage and hence won’t contribute to water damage.

Appliance malfunction

Household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters become older with time and start to deteriorate.

These machines start causing damage to water and hence should be kept on a check. In addition to this, the air conditioning units, on improper maintenance cause moisture to increase.

So it should be made sure that they should be serviced from time to time as the moisture trapped inside the air conditioner triggers the growing up of moulds that will further create a problem.


The primary function of a gutter is to help in creating a controlled flow of sewage water. But many a time the gutter becomes blocked by rubble.

Due to this blockage, the water overflows in the ends of the gutter and starts accessing the roof with the help of soffits. Additionally, it runs down the sides of the gutter.

If the gutter contains cracks, the water starts leaking from the sides of the gutter and starts to accumulate around the bottom of the whole structure.

This causes harm to the foundation by causing basement leaks. To prevent all of this from happening, set up leave guards and get your gutters cleaned on a regular basis.

A flat rooftop

Water can accumulate and start forming a pool on the top of a flat rooftop.

You might think that a roof doesn’t really have a gradient to make the water stay. But it has a slight slope that lets the branches and debris collect on it.

This accumulated water can cause the roof and ceiling to damage by the collection of water. In addition to this, this damage can cause the ceilings to crack and drip down water.

Weather-related concerns

We have no control on the weather or the natural disasters and the only things we can do is take preventive measures so that their impact can be reduced as much as possible.

Accumulation of water can be caused by sudden storms, hurricanes and flash floods.

Necessary action can be taken by the experts that control water damage and you should immediately call them if any water damage occurs in your house due to a changing weather or a natural calamity.

Plumbing system issues

Sometimes the pipe joints and hoses are not attached properly.

These plumbing issues make it difficult to control the amount of water damage.

You should regularly call your plumber to check in the house for any loopholes in the plumbing system of your building.

So now we know that how water damage happens and how it can be prevented. So the next time something like this happens the above tips will prove useful as it will help tremendously in keeping a check on water accumulation and in turn prevent water from damaging. You may also need to take an expert help from water damage restoration professionals.

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