How to Dry Wet Carpet after Flood Damage

Flood damage of any kind can be extremely frustrating to handle, especially when your home or office has been affected by one. When too much liquid is present, porous substances will soak up extra fluid. This may lead to warped items and also causes them to fade. Too much liquid will also damage the material, especially your carpets.

Understanding this, a large quantity of standing rain, or flooding caused by external leaks, can result in severe damage to both your property’s structure and personal belongings.

Carpets and rugs are among the personal belongings that are most vulnerable to damage from floods. They’re one of the first items impacted by flooding, so they’re likely to be damaged the most severely too.

There is always some level of risk when dealing with any type of flood or storm related damages. But with proper preparation and planning, you can minimise the impact of these events and ensure the safety of your family and belongings. So, if disaster strikes, make sure to take immediate action and contact the professionals from Wet Carpet Cleaners, a flood cleanup company in Melbourne, to work on the situation immediately.

Keep reading to discover more about what you can actually do to protect your carpet and rug from water damage and how to deal with flood situations at your house or place of employment.


Saving your flooded carpets.

It’s important to determine whether the flood water was clean or dirty before making any decisions about salvaging the affected properties.

If the damage caused by the floods was due to clean waters, for example, rain, then cleaning up any remaining debris might be relatively easy. On the other hand, if the damage was caused by polluted waters, including sewage and other toxic substances, then the cleanup task could become quite difficult.

If contaminated flood waters affect your house or office, any items made from the absorbent material will be affected by both the flooding and its contamination. As a result, these items will get ruined by the floodwaters and their dangerous pollutants and can cause mould and mildew to cultivate and grow.

Flood damage carpet cleaning.

Soaked carpets and rugs that are affected by clean water.

If your carpet was ruined by clean water, there are two options: You can carry out the cleaning yourself with a washer and do-it-­yourself methods or with professional help from Wet Carpet Cleaners.

Carpeting can be washed or taken outside for manual cleaning with shampoo.

If the wet carpet can be cleaned, then do so immediately to prevent mould growth. Mould spores may be blown into your home through open windows or doors, and if they find moisture (such as a damp basement), then that’s where they thrive.

Soaked carpets and rugs that are affected by contaminated water.

Any carpeting or rugs that were harmed by tainted water ought to be disposed of. Since the contaminants can be hazardous, work on them carefully to make certain they’re harmless.

You can’t clean up carpets and rugs using just normal household cleaners and equipment. They must be treated carefully because they’ve been exposed to contaminated materials and substances. For this, you need to seek help from professional flood damage carpet cleaning companies like Wet Carpet Cleaners.

Drying wet carpet after flood damage.

Water can cause serious problems to your home and carpets if left untreated. If you suspect flooding in your home, call your insurance agent immediately so they can help you file an insurance claim. In the meantime, do what you can to protect yourself and your property.

First off, open doors and windows so fresh air flows into the room where the water is located. Then begin drying out the area around the damaged carpets. Use towels, paper plates, rags, mops and squeegees (if possible) to remove excess moisture.

When the area is dry, vacuum or sweep the affected area to get rid of any debris.

Lastly, replace the lost furniture or contents before moving them back into place.

Finally, hire a professional flood damage restoration company like Wet Carpet Cleaners to visit your home and remove the remaining water. They will also inspect the damaged flooring and give you tips on how to prevent future issues.

Contact the professionals.

If your home or office building has been flooded, get in touch with Wet Carpet Cleaners for emergency services right away so we can assess the situation and take action immediately. We will give you the best chance of minimising the impact and salvaging any items that were damaged by floodwater.

With expert assistance, your carpet and rugs will be restored, and your house will be dried out and cleaned so you can return to it safely. Get in touch with our team of experts now!

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