Carpet repair vs carpet replacement

A carpet in your property will typically have a life of 10-15 years. If the carpets in your business or home undergoes damage, you need to analyse if it needs a repair or replacement. Often this choice is difficult to make, as we don’t know how to decide between the two. Worry no more! Because we are here to help you decide whether to make a carpet repair or replacement. Read on to know more:


Carpet replacement

Do a close inspection of your carpet throughout your office or home. A carpet replacement needs to be made if you find tears, a lot of stains, burns, and other various damage signs. Additionally, you can calculate the life of the carpet, if the same carpet has been used over a decade, you should definitely replace it. It will be easy on your pocket if you contact your nearest carpet company to rip the carpeting off and help in installing a new fabric. You would also need to replace your carpet if the flooring has been affected by a serious plumbing leak or flooding.

Carpet repair

If the carpet on your property is not a decade old, you can very well consider its repair. If repaired, it can be used for a couple of more years. But it depends on what kind of damage the carpet has gone through. A little amount of tear and stain can easily be fixed by calling a trained technician working in carpet repair. Additionally, you can consider repairing your carpet rather than replacing it if your flooring is fine and not dingy. It is going to be a far more affordable deal as compared to replacing the whole carpeting.

Carpet repair vs. carpet replacement

To further ease you into making a choice on whether you need to replace or repair your carpet, a proper analysis of some of the issues related to carpet is needed. After studying these issues closely, you can make an informed decision.

Burn marks and other stains

If a cigarette burn is present on your carpet, you don’t need to replace it altogether. You can get it repaired easily by a trained carpet repair expert who can cut out the burnt part of carpet while making sure it does not get frayed and replace it with a piece of carpet taken out from an unnoticed section of the carpet. In case the burn patches are huge, you can always keep a piece of the same carpet that can help you during the repair of these huge patches.

You can also bloat out fresh stains so that they do not get set in your carpeting. If you yourself can’t manage the stain you can always call in professional to do it for you. So, in these cases, you should not replace the carpet and consider repairing it instead.

A Smelly carpet

If your carpet has stayed uncleaned for quite some time, you will start to notice a smell that lingers on throughout the day. You can clean the carpet to get rid of this smell. However, if this does not happen, and the odour still persists, this means the odour has gone into the depth of the carpet fibres, subfloor, or carpet pad. This may also be an indication of mildew or mould growth which can cause various infections. In such a situation, you should replace the carpet.

So, now you know when to replace and repair your carpet after knowing the type of problems involved in the carpeting of your property. A close analysis of the problem in your carpeting can help you make a wise choice and make sure that the money you spend does not go to waste.

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