4 Ways to Keep Your Carpets Away from Moulds

Mould is an unwelcome visitor who shows up at your house without warning and causes damage. Some of the potential issues include contamination of furniture and carpets, toxic fumes, and water damage.

If you have mould growing in your house, it’s a big deal. It causes respiratory issues for both humans and animals, and if not treated properly could be dangerous.

Carpets often grow moulds without you realising it. Sometimes they don’t show up until they start growing under your flooring. And then there’s the worst-case scenario — when they start growing underneath your floor.

While carpet care products can help keep your carpet looking new for longer by protecting its fibres against soil buildup, stains, and fading, it is necessary to know how you can keep it safe from mould.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help you prevent your carpets from moulding. Read through.

How to prevent your carpet from moulding.

Mould prevention is the best way to tackle it. You can find it anywhere and it grows well when the right environmental factors exist. Here are the steps on how to prevent them from growing:

  1. Immediately remove water off your carpet.
    To start, get rid of any excess moisture by removing it as soon as possible. Depending on where the water came from, drying may take anywhere between 24 and 48 hrs.Floods, leaks, broken or overflowed sinks, flooding from plumbing accidents, etc., are just some of the reasons why soiled carpets may occur. Water sources can play an important role in determining how hard it will be to remove and/or wash away the stains.
  1. Control your room’s humidity levels.
    Moisture causes high humidity, which leads to large quantities of moisture levels. These conditions create the perfect environment for moulds to grow. If you want to keep your house comfortable and reliable, then keep the humidity inside your home below 60%.What you can do is to make sure your house is properly ventilated. Aside from that, utilise dehumidifiers or air conditioning units to remove excess moisture. Lastly, fix any leaks to lower the humidity levels in your house.
  2. Keep your carpets clean by regularly vacuuming.
    Cleaning carpets regularly helps prevent allergies, pet dander, and animal urine and faeces from becoming embedded in the fibres. They also help keep the air inside your home fresh by removing airborne particles.A clean carpet is highly resistant against moulds because dirt contains spores and moisture. It causes humid atmospheres inside your house which create ideal growing environments for moulds.
  3. Let the pros deal with it.
    If you notice any sign of mould on your carpets, call us for immediate mould removal and remediation. We provide our waterproofing, drying, dehumidification and drying repair service in Melbourne.

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