Pet urine stains on carpet. How would professional clean it?

Having a pet in your household is one of the most amazing experiences you could have. Coming back home to someone who is happy to see you can turn your day around. But taking care of a pet is a difficult task, especially if you have a job. This means that sometimes, you will have to come home to see your pet’s pee on your carpet.

Training your pet where to go when they have to pee or poop is a long and tiring process and they won’t always listen. Once in a while, you will have to clean the pee or poop from the carpet. Cleaning the poop up isn’t much of a problem but the pee can leave a stain, not to mention how unhygienic and smelly it can be.

The stains may remain after you clean it up. It can be a very embarrassing situation when you have to explain to guests what the stain on the floor is from. You could go and get your carpet professionally cleaned, but it can become a very expensive thing to do especially if your dog pees every time he or she is excited.

Using traditional soaps aren’t much of a help as a pet or especially a dog’s pee contains uric acids, which do not break down easily. This is why the best thing to do apart from training your puppy is to learn how to professionally clean the carpet yourself.

Cleaning pee off the carpet yourself

  • The first thing to do when the area is still wet is to blot the stain with something like paper towels. This way the urine will be absorbed in the paper towel and won’t spread more.
  • Use any kind of shop-vac that you may have to help extract the urine if any of it still remains. If you don’t have a shop-vac then mix one cup of warm water with a quarter tablespoon of a dishwasher detergent. Do not use detergent or dish soap as they often have bleach in them and they can very well discolour your carpet.
  • Use a sprayer if you have one and directly aim towards the affected area of the carpet.
  • You can use a paper towel or a piece of cotton cloth after the solution is absorbed by the carpet.
  • Rinse the wet area with warm water about 2—5 times. Continue rinsing until the stain slowly disappears.
  • In a cup of water, mix two tablespoons of ammonia, after pouring it on the area of the carpet continue rinsing until the stain completely disappears.

Cleaning the stain off of the carpet is just the tip of the iceberg. Here is another way of cleaning your pet’s pee stain.

  • Carefully pick up any solid waste from the carpet.
  • Soak up as much of the liquid as possible with the help of paper towels. Make sure that you don’t rub the spot as it will leave stains and it will also become harder for you to clean it up properly.
  • Use an enzymatic cleaner, which is also recommended by the Humane Society. Go for an expensive enzymatic cleaner if you can.
  • Cover the affected area with a piece of cardboard and leave it for the amount of time required.
  • After the time period is over, you could use paper towels to blot any remaining excess moisture. You may need to change the paper towels and repeat the process many times.

These are two of the most effective ways in which you could clean the pee of your pet from the carpet yourself. Not only will it be hygienic but the clean and fresh look of the carpet will have a very welcoming feeling to it rather than making guests feel grossed out with the stains and smell. For hiring our cleaners, visit our page for carpet cleaning Melbourne.

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